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SESSION 1 – download here
Nearly a half hour of light language channeled by Audrey Light Language­ the original session. Enjoy the powerful and soothing sound healing vibrations to heal on a multitude of levels­ ethetic, physical, mental, and emotional bodies, including removal of generational and childhood issues and traumas.

SESSION 2 – download here
A little over a half hour of light language channeled by Audrey Light Language­ the second session and evolution of the work. Powerful and comforting sound healing promoting DNA upgrades/vibration raising, releasing from this life and multidimensional aspects of self, removal of long­standing blockages.

SESSION 3 – download here
Latest evolution of Audrey Light Language’s work-­ powerful and soothing light language and language of the Akash, channeled fairies and many of the highest energies for multi­level and multi-dimensional healing, DNA opening/upgrades, and igniting of your own gifts and light language.

THE ONE – download here
A very special message people all over the world have cherished­ channeled by Audrey Light Language directly from Source, “The One”­ listen to the words and feel the pure energy in the message.

Package of all recordings – download here