Message from the Archangels concerning Jesus’ message

Message from the Archangels concerning Jesus’ message:

Jesus wishes you to speak his words to the people of Earth to remind them of his work, his mission, his messages to the generations.

They preach his words as Truths but do not pay attention to the ones that are his and the Truth of all Truths – you are God – so start behaving as such – start being in knowledge of this and acting in gratitude of the greatness of this gift – the knowledge of this gift, you are creators in the likeness of your father.

You understand the big difference – you are creators in the likeness of your father. You are capable of creating as your father is prime creator – God is both father, mother, God creator of all. We use the reference of the father as the one called your Lord Jesus had to get you to understand, as your Bible so many of you cherish as the Word – that you are created to be creators as does your father create – this is the likeness those words describe – for in the likeness – (the sameness) you create – you are energy – consciousness – creating – as you are part of God, part of the creator of all.

So now that this great Truth is understood – as your understanding of the quantum mechanics has shown – go create yourselves and your world in the grandest creation of the highest vibration – highest consciousness to create Heaven on Earth.

Welcome to your Becoming – welcome to the revolution of light – of God energy – flowing at its highest vibration, Love.

Use your creative gifts to create a beautiful world for yourselves – a new Eden – with all that you were given that is no longer hidden, use your God-given gifts – go to your heart centers – the sacred heart – Jesus gave and gives you the secret – the heart center – your heart chakra will open it all for you. Open your hearts to vibrate at the highest potential and you will be creating from a place that before you did not know. You were unaware that you all created, and so have done so not to the best of your ability – not to the highest vibration – so now begin to do so with your new knowledge and know that all is one.

All is one because we all are connected through God’s force – we are a creation of God – we are each a droplet, shall we say, for you to understand – like a droplet of individual water from your planet’s great seas – an individual droplet but no less when you were to ask: where did you get that droplet from, from where did it originate? The answer would be from the sea – and so as it is from the great sea – and so are yourselves – a great droplet of God – a spark of God energy within you all, so thusly – you are from God. The drop of water from the sea – connected to its original state – all the droplets from the sea – as you all are from God and thusly all connected by your energy which is of and is God.

So use your gift of knowledge and create as you’ve been gifted. Bring into the physical realm that which begins as nonphysical – thoughts, ideas, which are imaginings – into a physical form.

First there came the words – the idea, then the physical – word into form – word = thought – brought into a physical form – manifestation – look around you, everywhere is this proof. You all have thoughts first and then have created thoughts which originated as thought, merely – words, yes? – into a physical object – a material thing – your whole world you have created as such – imagination of ideas, thoughts, images, inventions as you call them, ideas made into reality – changing your lifestyles and way of lives for centuries – even to yourselves, you envision to have partners – then children, families, lives, homes, your endeavors and lifestyles and your pastimes of leisure – all first begin as thoughts – words to represent a thing – an imagined idea, images, thought form, brought to words, brought to fruition – it has been speaking of bearing fruit, yes?

You are aware of this state – these are the fruits you bear, bring forth – so bring forth the fruit of the gods – for you all are part of God so you are God as the droplet of water is the sea – understand this example – that drop is still from the sea – a cup of water from your oceans is still a cup of water from the ocean, as your energy is from God and thusly still a part of God – all the droplets, all the cups, the sea and ocean connected by such – as you all are to each other and to God – God force, God – you are God – creating for yourselves and with God, experiencing all of creation, spreading God’s light into the darkness. As has been said on your planet “going where no man has gone before,” stretching out God’s love into all that is, forever the all that there is, Alpha and Omega, forever into eternity – for eternity is a very, very long time – and there is nothing better to do but to create beautiful wonders to behold and take part in and take pleasure in and take gratitude and wonder of all that is.

So create now with this knowledge. You have created from a lower vibration – it is the time of your awakening to create from that vibration no longer – your mother Gaia, planet Earth, is already in the newer vibration – she is awaiting the arrival of all her children upon her to shine with the light of God, of prime creator, which you all are a part of – so go and create yourselves and your world in the highest vibration, from the highest vibration – to bring Heaven to Earth as has been written of in your scriptures.

For those of you that may be offended, it is written in the words of the books you hold dear, so know it is the time to adhere to those words, to the book you hold so dear, so sacred – your sacred word – and create as it says a Heaven on Earth.

Bear the fruit in the highest form and vibration – bring forth as the Christ has said, your works in the highest vibration – live from this vibration and create now your world and shine the light of God, the love of God, which is that which you all are –

Namaste –

We are the Archangels.


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