Leap, beloveds, leap – from the Galactic Council of Elders

After eons of cycles when will we reach maturity? Leap beloveds leap…

We are the Arcturians. We have given you a message you have not written out properly to reply, restate to the masses we will give it to you again. We are part of the Galactic Council of Elders. For the council is comprised of many nations of the stars – many, many civilizations joined together to cooperate and create in the highest vibration and bring to fulfillment Prime Creator’s objective to create unto eternity, spreading light into the darkness – and we are the elders, the ones that have witnessed eternity longer then some of others which are part of this Galactic Council. All parts are important to the whole but we as the elders are here – have come through this channel again, for she did not wish to take this message down to say to your masses – but we have returned to give it to her yet again, which isn’t the way this channel works. We tell her, she gets it and gives it to where we mean her to spread it. However this particular time she is writing the same message again because she is hesitant to give you what we are going to say to her, yet once again and through this transmission we are giving her once again. We understand that she will see the importance. She will see that we mean for her to give it out and here is what we have told her before.

We will state again that we are and we have been continually disappointed in your race’s progression to being awakened to becoming an awakened species and joining your rightful place among the Galactic Nations. We have witnessed for eons of time your progression through cycles of time over and over, only for you all to still end in the same way. We have watched your building of your civilizations, your societies, your world, only in the end each time no matter the accomplishment of those among you who have been able to accomplish their awakening, your realization of the truth – despite those great accomplishments, the many evolved masters and teachers who have incarnated on your world to help you raise your vibrations and wake up – you have the knowledge attained and left through many civilizations past on your world, you have the knowledge and despite this we have observed you over and over again be destroyed. Your great civilizations through the eons of time, your cycles of creation come always to the same end.

We are saying that we do not wish yet again to observe another of the same endings. We do not, those among us of the Galactic Elders and Federation of Galactic Nations, wish to yet again observe you yet again miss the opportunity that is in front of your species. Yet again to rise up, evolve. Evolve to the place of your rightful position among your brothers and sisters. How many more eons? How many more cycles will the same go on? We are saying: It is done, we will not continue – since we are all connected and your world and your species is part of the whole, and so these vibrations go out into dimensions and worlds and civilizations unknown, ripples out into eternity and we as observers awaiting your arrival have come to say that enough cycles, enough eons of time have been given to this awaiting your arrival of your ascension, the arrival of your awakening, the arrival of your evolution. Your evolution as a species capable to live as an evolved conscious entity, part of the Divine spark that you all are – to come and join into the creation of all that is.

This experiment, this system which has been given eons of what you call time, which has been given many cycles of spirals of turning change, has not as yet produced the results we all have been joyously awaiting, and we say that children all grow up. A child, a young one in whatever species, whatever civilization in whatever time, space, galaxy or dimension of vibrating frequency, always grows into an adult. A child never stays a child and it is time that the observing of your species as remaining the young ones, the inexperienced, and the new ones is over. Enough of the rest of existences awaiting your arising to a higher vibration to send forth from this world a higher frequency. Your continued inability to leave childhood behind has affected the rest of our existences and as we are all one we are affected, and now it is the time of the great no time. To no longer be held back by the bickering tantrum having inhumanity to man’s consciousness and to his world and the other living species upon it. No longer do we wish to await yet another cycle to yet observe you as you have done, way too many that have gone before – to observe only the same results, same outcome you choose over and over to destroy all you have created, to collapse the civilizations and societies you have created, to lose and/or bury the very knowledge you have arrived at to yourselves and your world you have created time after time, cycle after cycle, to only destroy what you’ve created and sink lower in your vibration and on your evolutionary path. How much longer will we observe this pattern you seem unable to change, to escape from? We will not observe the same again.

We are sorry to say that although there are many attaining the knowledge, we see at this late date in what you call time at this point on the timelines of existence there are still so, so, so many who sleep, who live in denial in their creations and are no nearer to raising themselves and thusly their species any higher in vibration than they have done in the eons of cycles in the timelines we have observed before. We are not saying: we have not come to say that you will not or you cannot accomplish this, for we all are still in hopes that this time what we observe will be different, will be that the end result will be the outcome we have been awaiting – your ascension, your evolution of your species, your world to take its rightful place among us. To understand we are all one and connected and as one what effects one affects the many out unto the universes and worlds without end. Not only will you raise up your frequency but all of creation will, and it has been that we are awaiting your arrival so as our frequencies on all the planes of existence can raise up as we shall say to a higher octave, a higher frequency than we are on already and have been for cycles past all of creation will evolve.

It is the time of the great no time and in this all of creation worlds without end will evolve and raise its frequency. As is said Prime Creator has given all of creation free will to create, as you all in your species have all of those upon your world have. But those of us among these nations that know and honor the truths of all that is and have been living at these higher frequencies, living in evolved states of creation, wish to progress in our journeys since there is nothing else but to create and bask in and enjoy and live in gratitude and love for the gift we all are given as a part of the life giving force, the energy and frequency of the Divine – and so we wish to create even grander than we have created thus far, all for and in the love of our creator unto worlds without end, Alpha and Omega.

Join us, dear ones for we are going to the next frequency – creation is taking a leap that as our younger brothers and sisters we have patiently awaited your arrival and have been given many, many opportunities to arrive, but there can be no more waiting for those that have been given numerous times to no – as you say on your world – miss the boat. We have not partaken of our journeys awaiting your arrival but the trip, as we will use the example, has been on hold for too long. It is time for the evolutionary leap – join us, dear ones. Join us, our brothers and sisters, for we are all one in and from Prime Creator source. All of creation is raising its vibration and we will not for yet another cycle observe you do what you have done over and over again – instead of raising up your vibration you destroy and sink lower in vibration to do it over and over again, to create the same but different. Do you understand? Over and over and have thusly held back the raising of vibrational frequency to the next – but it is going to happen, and either you awaken, living from your heart centers, aligning yourselves in the proper way to receive the frequencies and take the journey with us all – or you miss the boat. It is your choice but since we are all connected our being affected by your nonevolution will no longer hold back the rest. We have awaited and awaited your arrival, we have waited in love and after many attempts you do not arrive so we and all of creation in love as we have waited will now in love continue our evolutionary goals to vibrate higher and higher. We will create through a higher frequency, for each vibrational phase will shift to a higher one and either you will create it for yourselves or you won’t, but we can no longer await the child to come into maturity.

After the no time there will be a new time and we hope you will create for yourselves and your species with the knowledge you have reached yet again. Create to hold the higher frequency and be welcomed to your evolution at last. We joyously await your arrival at this creation but if you choose what you have chosen before we will be sorry that you will not be taking the journey the rest of creation will be partaking in. For to partake in higher frequency, it is to evolve. We anxiously await, we joyously await, our evolution to a higher frequency, as all of creation takes – as your scientists call – a quantum leap. Leap our beloveds, leap our brothers and sisters, for we have waited for you to join us on this evolutionary phase of creation. God is love. We are love. You are love. We all are connected. We all are one. We all are part of God Prime Creator source energy, highest vibratory frequency. The love vibration. Join us in the journey of creation at a higher frequency for all that is. Evolution. It is what life does – evolve and create in and through higher and higher vibrations of love.

We are the Galactic Federation Council of Elders, Arcturian Representatives.

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One thought on “Leap, beloveds, leap – from the Galactic Council of Elders

  1. I recently had a soul profile and realignment from Lynn Osborne and she told me that I am from Polaris and I’m working for the Galactic Council to help bring in the Feminine Energies to Earth. I am a light worker and currently use SRT and dowsing to clear peoples Akashic Records. I have read your Arcturian. Messages from the Galactic Council and the words sit well with me. Thank you for posting this information . Blessings and Appreciation. Brenda Horton

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