I Am That I Am – Wake Up

A message from the I Am That I Am:

That is all there is – God experiencing Itself as self.

It is what we are, is our purpose – to experience all that is for God.

God knows all consciously – we are part of the whole, to do the experiencing and bringing the information of the experiencing home – back to God.

We are extensions of the One living force that you call God – prime creator source energy – we are all connected in this, through this Alpha and Omega, worlds without end.

I Am That I Am –

We are one, connected through the energy force that I am, that everything is – now and unto eternity –

I Am That I Am –

We are One (and the same) – God eternally –

We create, it is our purpose – creation – into worlds without end –

Create now from the highest vibration which you are – awaken – remember – create through wakefulness – that which dreams are made of, from a wakeful state – not from that of showing you have created nightmares in your world and for yourselves – and others that have wished to keep the power and glory to themselves –

Awaken and take your God given power and rights to create what and as you wish –

My beloveds – WAKE UP!

My children wake up, it is time –

the Lord God.

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