Dance of Life

Channeled through Audrey Light Language. With all that is going on, swirling around, so much is being said- confusion, fear, different views- this is what came through as I channeled through for all of you, please share! The mother of the new day is WISDOM.

1st message: Evolutionary Bath
You wish to know of the tsunami dearest one, well tell them they are entering into the great unknowing- you are in an evolutionary bath, yes a bath of energies- swirling to wash you in, to envelope you, to swirl you in, as the tsunami hits your shores- you are an angelic messenger of on high come to help them through the maze of the labyrinth. To make and build a new human body- a new hu-man. You will light the way and help coalesce the energies swirling to a proper alignment for them- to function at the new level of consciousness and new awarenesses to be tapped into for existence in and through further experiences along their way, their journeys- oh it is so joyous, jubilation at the new awaiting you all that the recalibration is birthing- for those who are willing and able to take part- oh humanity you have a new canvas placed before you and a new extended palette of colors with which to create with. The page is turning, you shall write anew upon it- existence is jubilous- of the fresh breath of air being blown into you hu-manity- breathe, breathe.

For so long you have been as held underwater, under the hold of others holding you down- you shall feel the release- from those dark swirling energies whose mire has attempted to lessen your light- as its tar they poured upon you but your prayers are answered, your collective creatings have been heard, the point is met.

We are so joyous at your arrival upon the shores of your new day- use it wisely hu-manity. Be in gratitude and love and be now in this new day of remembrance of all that you are.

* * * * *

2nd message:
Channeled from Prime Creator- a dance of life

It is a new day dawning beautiful ones. There is no need for such fear and upset- I am continuing my playing in and through existence as it is so joyous to me, to us, to I, I am- it is the being-ness, that is where the aliveness lives- in the being-ness, in the being of all that is, the is-ness.

The page is just turning beloveds, the canvas is anew, the new song is being played, do you hear it yet? The new day has arrived upon your shores, the new octaves are here, they will continue to coalesce as your counting of days continues- all is well. All is better than it has been in your experiences for some time, as the plague, the disruption, the game, the experiment- pick a word- is come to a close. You have weathered the storm. This is only the last remnants of it washing upon your shores- as it washes up upon your shores of your world and of your consciousness- the fear is not to be misplaced in what is occurring but the fear was what could be understood to be experienced as one found themselves awash in all that they had been. But now you are coming to a new day of light and truth- do you fear light and truth, more than you did your deception? Your false awareness and manipulation in and within their agendas for their own benefits and profits at the cost of your own- there is where the fear should have been laid but you withstood the barrage and manipulation and untruths, and have prevailed- why then are you not all triumphant of the new arriving at your shore, your doors, then to sit in fear and anticipation and uncertainty? Is it that you have become so accustomed to the deception and falsehoods and false hope you no longer know how to rejoice and be in joy joyously in celebration at the triumph of all that you are? All that you have always been and that as such you have made the journey into- the experiment- and came out the other side triumphant, triumphantly standing in the remembrance of all that you are- now will be the times of the remembrance- the times of the recalibration of the transfiguration and the dissolution of all that was to transfigure, transform into that which you are in remembrance, in jubilation.

Step out of the fear you have become so accustomed to and step into jubilation and remembrance of all that you are- a beautiful spark of divinity- forever and always on a journey of existence into experience all that is- to explore and experience life itself which is what you are- you are life itself, in experience and through experience exploring all of yourself and all that is- as you are all that is in expression- through experience- so rejoice, humanity rejoice as the page has turned. Now we shall write a new story of expression through experience to the glory and greatness and wonder of all that you are, that we are, that I am, that you are, as we are, the all that is- we are the I am-ness, you are me and I am you- we are one, we are oneness joined together in eternal dance- a dance of expression- a dance of life.