Creators and Experience – from the Archangels

A message from the Archangels:

They are disclosing to cause chaos –

That’s all –

Not to tell the truth of God’s love – of God’s existence throughout the galaxies – all are experiencing for God –

We are creators

Extensions of self to experience all

to bring all information to God, back to God, through our experiences –

God creates – it is the nature of God to create

Then God’s creations feed back to God all experiences –

Since God cannot experience in the same way as we do – as we do for the creator and all is love – all is light energy vibrating at different frequencies – all is one – all is connected through prime creator God – love vibration, light energy frequency vibrating –

The ETs as you call them – the alien races – the brotherhood you will join, are not here to harm – but to help you take back the Earth from those that are not in the highest vibration and have used the powers that they have, the knowledge they have, to keep themselves in power and the masses and the masses in despair – struggling and under their control –

It will be no more, their time is done, is over –

The new age is here

Discern with your heart that which is Love, is pure, and in plain sight discernible by your heart and highest consciousness as part of prime creator God’s consciousness –

We are the Archangels.

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