Creator Has Sent Out The Call

Creator Has Sent Out The Call 4-9-2013

We are the Pleiadians. We wish to speak to you of coming times. We are concerned with Humanity’s progress with the ascension. We wish to come to help you move forward more quickly than you all are. The time is approaching for the need to intervene among you all, but you are not as prepared as we would like you all to be. Please continue to prepare – you are not ready, you are going to be taken by surprise. Still you wish to – so many of you wish to remain in your slumber. The time is approaching. Thusly you see the name: Awakening. You will not be able to sleep any longer. We will come and awaken those that continue to choose to sleep. They are going to be thrust out of their dreams they are insisting to continue to remain in, and are creating. Denial is what they are choosing, but it will be no more. The light of the Truth will shine forth upon your world. The days of separation and your experiencing the lower frequencies of existence are coming to an end. Creator Prime Source God has had enough of these experiences being fed back to its consciousness – itself into manifestation has had enough of these lower frequency creations and the time is nigh to create anew. We have the directive to help you all along on your path, to redirect your creations from these lower frequencies of creation and that you have been creating – from the experiment of immersion into duality and its lower forms of creation from and in the lowest frequencies – is over. You have done your job of creating so well for the sake of experiencing in the physical realm, of manifesting, that you cannot Awaken – so thusly we are coming to Awaken you to the Reality of what Truly is. You have forgotten so as to accomplish your tasks you have set out on, but you are so immersed in your story, your creations, you cannot – you can no longer distinguish between what is Real and Truth and what is but your stories you have created and been part of, and taken part in. So Prime Creator has decreed us, us of the Light, the Christ consciousness that remember and hold the Truth of all that is, of all that we are and that you are, are coming to help you all to remember. Re-member and break out of your self-imposed prisons and limited perspectives of lower vibratory states of conscious awareness and frequency to create anew. You will re-member to all that you are a part of. You are part of the whole. You are a spark of the Divine in manifestation. We are all one, joined by Creator Source energy, permeating through reality unto worlds without end. We are being sent to you, we are revealing ourselves to help you out of what is being played out upon your world, upon your world in this frequency of creation. God is sending out a Quantum Leap, so to say, and you will be woken up to take advantage of all that is being offered to all of existence at this time of the eternal now. This is creator’s wishes to bring you all up an octave as we all move up. You Will Be Awoken. Beloveds, our Brothers and Sisters in the Christhood, Christ consciousness, we will join together with you all to help you create the life upon your world you are wishing to create. For those of you who have felt and heard the call to awaken, we applaud you and ask that you with Love and patience help us to handle those of you, those among you that are sleepwalking through their creation, that refuse to allow into their consciousness the facts and realities, the truths that are before them that have been placed throughout antiquity and that have been placed in your most recent past, and even into the present moment of truths they continue to wish to deny. So we will come to set the record straight, as you say, upon your world. To fill you in, so to say, of what is real and what is illusion created in the time of separation, in the time of your forgetfulness – to create anew in the light and truth of all that is and that you are, Dear Ones, Beloved Ones. So please, please, please continue to prepare, for the great moment of our completion of the task we have at hand is approaching: helping Humanity in its evolutionary journey. We will Awaken those that refuse, and refuse some of you do – whole-heartedly, without a speck of doubt, that what they see and experience and create and have created is all there is, is all there is. But the time to shine the light – undeniable no longer – is over. We are approaching the time of your Awakening on a Global level. Continue to prepare yourselves, your family, friends and your fellows, for now you live in denial but the undeniable is about to occur. We are here, we have always been here. We walk among you. We are always with you, observing your creations to light your way back when the experiment you have taken part in is through, and it is through. But we, as we love you all, are faced with the task of attempting to help you come to realization of all that is – your re-membering, your awakening. When so many refuse to accept the truth versus what they created in the time of separation from self and rejoin the truth of what you are and what existence is: Prime Creator experiencing self. God and all the names you have designed to represent to call, to name, this source of all life that is what you are a part of. But by whatever name you call is Prime Creator Source, Divine Consciousness life source, life giving force of all that is and you are a part of this, in creation creating – now you will be rejoined, re-membered, to all that is in the Truth and Light. To create anew in the higher frequencies that are being given to all existence that Prime Creator is and has given to itself. So we as part of that self have been given the task of helping you Awaken to create anew with new – not new, really, but ancient truths of reality remembered. To re-member you to the whole, Dear Ones. We will begin the process soon. We ask you prepare, Dear Ones. Prepare yourselves, for we so do not wish you to plunge into fear. We are observing fear – we do not wish to plunge you deeper into what is unnecessary. For fear is Unnecessary. Choose Love as we are all joined together and are one, Dear Ones. We are one source experiencing creation. That which we all are through a myriad of means of experiencing all that is. Create anew with us, helping to remind you to light your way through the darkest frequencies of creation that you have been experiencing – the lower vibratory states you have been exploring in and creating from. That is where your fear should have lied but you have been brave and endured atrocities, upon yourselves and your Brothers and Sisters during the experiment of separation of self and knowing experientially the lower and lowest forms of creating and experience. But now you can release yourselves from this and create anew, Dear Ones. Skyrocket to heights that you will create from – forging forward in your evolution to new heights of creation in and from higher and higher states of frequency and existence.

We are coming, we are here, we are preparing for the Revelation, the re-vealation, the reveal to Humanity. Continue your preparations of your consciousness and handle it all with LOVE, with Love rather than fear, for there is nothing to fear but fear itself – so give it up, Dear Ones. Replace it with the highest frequency that which you all are: LOVE. We come to remind you, we come to rejoin you to yourselves and the truth of all that is. You are part of Prime Creator Source Energy Consciousness GOD in manifestation of all that is throughout creation. Experiencing all that is through a multitude of differencing, a myriad of differencing forms, to experience its self. Life experiencing life, do you get it yet? Do you hear us yet? We tell you from and through channelers, we tell you through contactees, we tell you through your histories and ancient artifacts and architectural evidence left behind. We have told you from afar and Now we ask you to prepare, for we are going to tell you yet again, but we will be telling you in an undeniable way. We will tell you as we stand among you upon your world, so as the undeniable will be no longer able to be made deniable among your species – and for those that are refusing to Awaken and see the Light and wish to perpetuate the lower realms of existence, the lower vibratory state of frequency of creation they have immersed themselves in: the time is nigh. It will be upon you. Prepare, Dear Ones, Prepare. The Golden Rule will wash across your world like a wildfire of the flaming heart of Jesus the Christ has represented. Set your hearts aflame and join us in the cleansing flames of Love that will light your world aglow. The light will be so bright as to blind those that are asleep, to shine through their sleeping closed eyes they refuse to open and see the truth. But it will shine through and be deniable no more, no longer. So rejoice as we rejoice as the decree has been sent out and we have heard the call being sent out to Creation from Prime Creator Source to Awaken the parts of self that have slumbered for too long, immersed in what was the lower frequencies and have lingered too long in miscreation will awaken and create anew.

The gong has been rung. The call has been sent forth. The time of the rejoining is upon you. Rejoining to the knowing of self. The force is spreading across the universe, across the multiverses, and you all are included in this renewal. Creator is cleansing all that is and moving all that is up an octave on the evolutionary scale of existence. You are going to Awaken Humanity. You are immersed in the field so you have no other choice but to be part of and take part in existence’s journey of all that is. You are immersed in and part of the field of existence. So we welcome you to your Evolution, your Awakening, your journey of consciousness as we all are receiving this gift from Creation and Source, that which we all are of and part of and joined through and in for eternity, worlds without end, Alpha and Omega.

We are the Pleiadians and we have come to tell you to share with them that the call has been heard. It has been set out. In our Love for you all we have hesitated, not wishing to plunge you into fear that we gauged upon your planet as to our appearance among you. But the call has been set forth. We come through this channel to tell you all that the joyously awaited signal has been sent to awaken you further along on your journeys to assist you by shining our light upon you to grasp the reality and truth of what is. We have heard the call. The call of Creator and we will answer. We will help rejoin you to yourselves. We will ride with you on the octaves that are raising all of existence’s frequency upon its evolutionary journeys of existence in and through creation of all that is. We can no longer linger in our actions to await your continued call to preparedness. We ask you to raise your consciousness now, your awareness now. Heed and hear us, Dear Ones. We are approaching the moment. The undeniable moment in your evolution that will return you to the Truths of all that is and that you all are a part of. The Re-vealation is coming upon you. Prepare, Dear Ones, prepare your awareness is all we ask. Become aware of what will be occurring, the rejoining of your world to its rightful place among your Brothers and Sisters of the Star Nations. We welcome your arrival, your re-joining to yourselves and all that is.

We are the Pleiadians, Star Council of Nine. We are joyously awaiting the time of our speaking with you all upon your world in a more physical, undeniable manner. We are your Brothers and Sisters of the Star Nations joined in the Christ Consciousness of the Light and Love of Creator God, all that is.

We were in hesitation to proceed for your fear is too strong, too much a hold of your consciousness. But we have heard the call and so we do not wish to hold what Creator wishes to have accomplished. We cannot, all is Creator’s. We are aspects of this. We all are aspects of this source. We must move forward and take the matches, so to say, from the children’s hands. Those that wish to create from the lower frequency of consciousness and remain in their false states of grandeur that they feel they have created for themselves as they create chaos for others of their kind will be no longer tolerated as an experience to be had upon your world. Creator no longer will be fed back these experiences from upon your world. The experiment of separation is over and those that are in refusal of releasing those lower vibratory states of consciousness will be awakened to the truth. Their refusal will be no more. The time of your world’s ascending into its evolution is at hand. You will evolve or become extinct. It is one’s individual choice. We have chosen evolution. Those of you awakened and awakening are choosing evolution. Those that have refused and wish to sleep or remain in lower vibratory states will have a choice placed before them as they have a choice in what they wish to experience through creation. A choice between evolution through Love and Light or extinction. For one frequency cannot exist within another and as we have said all of existence is raising an octave, so to say, and if one chooses in its free choice to hold lower frequency of conscious awareness and creation then extinction will be its free choice. When we come to aid you on your evolutionary paths it will be each’s choice to get on board the newer awareness and creation or not. But on your world the lower frequencies will cease to exist. There is no other way, the lower cannot exist in the higher. Thusly will be their choosing, their own existence if that is what they wish to continue to create from. There will be nowhere for the lower frequency to exist within the higher. Thusly its extinction. Its extinguishing. For only the flames of the burning heart set afire with Love, the highest frequency, will prevail and exist across your world to move forward to create Heaven on Earth, “on Earth as it is in Heaven,” as has been foretold and prophesized across your world. You are what you have been waiting for. You will create anew from these higher frequencies a new Earth upon your beautiful planet, Mother Gaia. The matches will be taken from the children that are sleeping and unaware. Lost in their miscreation and thoughts of their grandeur built upon the pain and suffering of others of their kind, their Brothers and Sisters. The time of miscreation for your world is nearing its end and we are Joyous for you. We are Joyous.

As channeled by Audrey Light Language Channel


3 thoughts on “Creator Has Sent Out The Call

  1. Thank you for this message, beautiful Audrey and Pleiadians!!! Looking forward to hearing more, as things are speeding up very quickly, and more frequent messages are needed to help us stay on track. I have felt the presence of the Pleiadians recently, and they have brought Audrey to me as my guide, I believe :) xoxoxo

  2. Learning so much I need to know ,for I have been asking to show me the way. I have been reading about GAIA and thank her every day for her love and support. Looking forward to reading more.

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