Be Love – from the Archangels

A message from the Archangels:

You will speak of Love – it is the time of the vibration of Love.

Be Love. One must Be Love to vibrate at the fullest potential.

They should go to their heart centers, heart chakras, to fill their being with the Love vibration which is the highest vibration in all the universe.

Love of oneself and Love of all others, all things – all sentient beings –

Be Love, dear ones, Be Love –

Be gentle to oneself and all others –

Be kind to oneself and all others –

Be patient to oneself and all others –

Be compassionate to oneself and all others –

Be empathetic to others –

Be appreciative and live in gratitude for oneself and all others –

Begin to live in these thought forms – those thought vibrations – this consciousness – awaken oneself to living in this and as this consciousness –

Be Love, Be Loving, and you will raise your vibration – live in and out of this vibration and you will be evolving yourselves and your species to become a conscious, awakened, highly vibrating, evolved being – for that is what the Awakening, the Ascension, is – your Ascension is your Evolution to a higher vibration – to a higher vibrating being.

So – be that which you wish to see in your world – become that which you wish to see in your world and one by one your world will become that which you wished it to be.

Changes are occurring, the shift is happening, all by one and one and one and then the tip to the mass numbers, tipping the scales to become the whole – ascended – evolved to an awakened, highly conscious, highly vibrating being –

So Be Love, Be Love, dear ones – friends – Be Love – and welcome to your evolution – to the evolution of your species on your planet – your beautiful Mother Gaia awaits the full awakening of her children.

Be Love – Be Love – Be Love

We are the Archangels.

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