Arcturians/Galactic Federation – applauding lightworkers, the awakened & awakening

We will speak to you of coming times. We are going to be helping with the time of adjustment that is quickly approaching. This planet will be in the area of total immersion soon. The energies will bombard your world and many, many are not ready that have originated from earth, but the best that we can describe it is that those that are from the stars have incarnated on earth – they do not originate from the earth, their origins are elsewhere, but they came to earth to incarnate in the human form to help those individuals who are awakened, awakening, and are becoming, or are aware – they have come to help hold those frequencies for those that it has taken them too many lifetimes, too many cycles, and it had not been accomplished. So those that come from the stars have come to help, and help they have, for the energies have been awakening and their missions are being accomplished. They will be helped by the brothers and sisters that have not incarnated on the earth through a human form, to hold the energies to earth and help its inhabitants through this time of highest energy contact. It will herald in the new cycle. It is an opportunity for all of humanity to accomplish what it hasn’t been able to accomplish before. The help is here – and it has been accomplished, will be accomplished.

There will be much unrest among your people, for there are many that do not wish to bring the new earth in. They do not wish to give up their power and prestige, but it will be done. The experiment is over – a new timeline is at hand, and we applaud all of you who have come to earth to help with the ascension, the evolution of the human species and mother Gaia. You have done a job well done to have awakened, to do the energy work, the raising of frequencies, to help this planet and its beings come to its rightful place among the star brotherhood. It is only right when another group of our brothers and sisters arrive at the place in their evolution to join its rightful place among us. We the brothers and sisters that have been forgotten, are joyous at the arrival of our sisters and brothers that had become lost, but now will be found. It is joyous for us, we rejoice at the coming home, as it can be said, for this planet – to remove the veils of forgetfulness and imagined separation that was placed, that now is the time to end, and remember that we are all joined and one through prime creator God. We are all energy frequency consciousness from Source, so now is the time for the remembering, the awakening – to create through and with the highest form, to spread out into the cosmos, unto infinity the highest vibration, and end the cycles of lower vibrations that have been emanating from this planet for eons, creating chaos for earth, Gaia, and her inhabitants.

So we come through this channel to applaud you, who have awakened – you who have remembered, you who have sensed that call, that urging, shall we say from within, to find out what is real and not the imaginary that was mis-created, that felt and were brave enough to step out of the box that was created to hold you down, to control you, your power – to numb it, to hide it, to disregard it, to make it forgotten. We applaud all of you who have stepped out of that box that was created to hold you. You even crushed that box, for many. We are glad and applauding your renegade spirits, your strengths, your hopes for a newer world that you have been creating, and have created for all to experience and enjoy.

I asked them: What of those that choose to sleep or that are so immersed in the mis-creation they don’t wake up? For you are saying for ALL to enjoy?

Their answer: We say all because all will enjoy. It may take them longer than others, but they will enjoy it in their time it takes. After many who may experience initial discomfort at being in a frequency that is unfamiliar, after an adjustment period that had the work, the awakening of consciousness, and raising the frequency, taking place prior to the total immersion – they could’ve avoided this for themselves. But once it is upon them, there will be no denying any longer. They will feel it, the frequency changes within their physical selves, as their physical bodies will be adjusting rapidly – like the cold water shock, then compared to a gentle wading in and adjustment period, slowly and more comfortably. They will just get thrown into the pool, so to say, but the water will not be a temperature they are accustomed to. So can you understand the example we give? So whether or not one has waded gently and comfortably or been thrown in with a shock to the system, it will be done – and we applaud those that have come and have accomplished a job well done, and we applaud those that have and are still are in a process of awakening, who have felt and heard that inner call, and to those that will be thrown in the pool so to speak – we say, it is all part of the adventure, the experiencing of our lives and our eternal evolution. For it is not in the arrival to a particular destination, but it is about the journey, the experience, the being, the evolving, and the becoming – of the being always the best we can be, and all of the glory we can be for ourselves and for the creator of which we all are. To express always the greatest of the greatness that through and with prime creator we are, and to experience all the wonder and glory unto eternity – worlds without end.

We applaud you, we are joyous, our brothers and sisters in the Christ.

We are the Arcturians, members of the Galactic Council of the Galactic Federation of Star Nations.

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One thought on “Arcturians/Galactic Federation – applauding lightworkers, the awakened & awakening

  1. That shock hit me very hard to the point I felt I was going insane. Even though I’m not receiving anymore communication from them (which now I miss) I keep myself open. Thanks for the message it makes sense what happened to me. (Excuse my bad English)

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