A message from Jesus the Christ

I am God – God is love

“He who abides in love abides in God, and God in him” (1 John 4:16)

“He who does not love does not know God, for God is love” (1 John 4:8)

“We are of God” (1 John 4:6)

“Everyone who loves is born of God and knows God” (1 John 4:7)

God is who you are. When you are this God, this essence of pure love, it is all you have to give away, and when you realign yourself in this vein (once again quoting Jesus the Christ), “with men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Now all things are possible leaves out nothing, including your ability to fulfill any and all wishes that are aligned with God.

God = love – (and pure love allows you to be almighty, all-knowing, and God realized)
Jesus – “God is love”

Therefore, as long as you stay in a state of love you must be God – Wayne Dyer, “Wishes Fulfilled”

In Mark 9:23 “everything is possible for the person who believes” – Jesus

“I am the resurrection and the life in thought and feeling”

Here is the message I received from Jesus the Christ:

You wish to talk to the Christ. He will speak with you –

You are one of the Galactic brothers and sisters. Come within your open heart center to help awaken this planet and raise its vibration.

Many truths are not told to the masses but the one Truth that is the only Truth that needs to be known is that God is Love – you all are God. You all are part of God and you all must realize the power within yourselves – go to your heart centers and join with the highest vibration of love and heal your species and save your race. Take the timeline of love and journey on it to a peaceful, loving existence.

Gaia will shine with the love of her children – we are all one and connected by our source, the source of all there is – God, universal Christ consciousness. We are all connected by originating from this source, this energy vibrating consciousness – create through this energy.

Create your world yourselves – your creations through love – love vibration – to make Heaven on Earth.

Did I not say: as I do you all can do, and more?

And so now it is the time to use your God given power and your God selves and create through your thoughts with love at the highest vibration. The beautiful world you have wished and waited for – through your imagining you all can bring it forth with these higher energy vibrations coming to your planet – for you and only all of you will do it, each going to their highest vibration of love and change your world.

No one will come and do it for you – you all have created it in not knowing, not understanding your power that you have let others take from you, who have herded you all like sheep – the time for a shepherd, one to follow and control, to feed you all beliefs and their truths for generations – is over.

The time for awakening is nigh – each of you are a part, a spark of God.

Go within, within, within and find it, find our highest vibration which is Love – all that love encompasses for yourselves and all others – and raise the vibration of your species as each one of you, one by one awakens to the truth of all you are.

All that is – is God experiencing all that is through different aspects of itself vibrating at different frequencies, and Now is the time to raise your vibrations to the highest level and create, for you all create with your consciousness, your energy, your vibration.

You bring your thoughts into creation – your thoughts (non-physical) energy vibration into a physical form of vibration – so the truth of this is now known – use it to create the world you have imagined to live in – now into a reality – from imagined thoughts to a physical reality as you have done forever, but you were unaware and didn’t control or create in the highest vibration and have given your power over to others that have used their power in a low vibration for selfish, self-serving deeds.

But now you understand your power – you all are God, part of God, so use it to create in the physical sense what you have imagined.

Awaken now to this Truth.

Now is the Time of your Awakening. Now is the Time of your Becoming.

The fully realized being you are capable of being – Gods in the flesh as you have said I am – the Christ – the Christened One – the I am that I am in flesh come down, come into carnation – in flesh from the Word – a Son of God made flesh – into the world.

And so have I not said, have I not told you – in your ancient scriptures you study and speak from pulpits across your world in languages that all can understand – that I am the Son of God? Well have I not told you all that as I do, so you all shall do – have I not said this and that you are my brothers and sisters, and as being my brothers and sisters you all are Sons and Daughters of God?

And so Now is the Time to do as I have said, and you all will do more than I have done, greater than I had done, you all as part of God will change your world. Raise your selves and your world to its highest vibration – you all will bring Heaven to Earth by going to your heart centers and raising your vibration and send Love to all your selves and all that exists, and you all joined as one which we all are one – God’s energy – God vibrating consciousness – and raise your species and your world to what it is meant to be – Heaven on earth – Heaven in a material realm of physicality.

You all are God, part of God, my brother and sisters, so Awaken, Awaken to your Ascension to a higher vibrating species and create as God with God for God as the part of God you all are to make Heaven on Earth.

You all are what you’ve been waiting for – you have the power within yourselves, your God force, your God energy vibration through Love.

My brothers and sisters now is the time to do on Earth greater things than I had done as it has been told to you that I foretold, and make Heaven on Earth.

Praise God – with all the love of God – your brother in Christhood, the light and love of the Father – Jesus the Christ.

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