Audrey Light Language, Spiritual Architect and Energy Engineer, is a New York-based, world-renowned energy worker, speaker of the Languages of the Light and the Akash, and a Divine channel. She is celebrated as a ‘healer to the healers’ from ‘time before time,’ and was a vessel for Spirit to birth forth a new octave for humanity and Gaia. Audrey has worked with clients in person in the NYC area and all over the world via Skype or phone for: light language healing, the language of the Akash, channeled messages from higher beings, sacred key numerical codes and your own personal list of ascension numbers, and DNA upgrades all extremely powerful releasing, healing and activations that occur on multiple levels. She has been featured many times at the NEWLIFE Expo in NYC (America’s largest mind, body, and spirit expo), and has been interviewed on many popular worldwide radio shows. Experience the way it feels to be encircled with love and the highest energy, information, and truth to help you stand in your power, sovereignty, and divine birthright as Audrey helps and assists you become an Architect of your own design. This is healing without the smoke & mirrors- healing through the illusions, to the truth, to return you to the magic of that which you are. Welcome to your EVOLution, the rEVOLution of Light & Love!


Audrey Light Language – Spiritual Architect and Energy Engineer, Speaker of the Languages of Light

Audrey is an Ancient Creator Being back in embodiment to bring in Light codes to effect the field of existence as well as the individual work she does on clients around the world. Audrey is from first wave of creation from time before time and as a Creator Being, a weaver of codes, and as Spirit calls her a time traveler and healer to the healers, she brings through- by having Authority- Light Codes to aid you upon your evolutionary journey. Through the Languages of the Akash and Light and through Sacred Key Numerical Codes she brings through healing on a multitude of levels. This work affects the etheric, mental, physical and emotional bodies. It reaches beyond the conscious mind to the unconscious and subconscious. It also helps release childhood traumas and to touch the inner child as well as reaches back to untangle and clear the energetics of the generational, ancestral lineages that hold so many. Audrey’s work includes and goes beyond your earthly aspect’s incarnations (past lives) to include your galactic and dimensional aspects as well, as you are now coming to understand you are a multidimensional cosmic being with many aspects. Audrey’s work affects All of the You’s for a total healing, releasing and then downloads of Sacred Numerical Key Codes with information that affects your DNA to help you jump timelines and paths of possibilities to find yourself in resonance and upgraded to be part of the New Day. As you improve your present life experiences and by affecting this moment of the eternal now you affect the future now moments and versions of you as you are upgraded and moved out of the stagnation of the old. Come Drink from the Wellspring to be Enlivened, Fortified and Strengthened as Spirit calls this work Audrey does as a Divine Channel of Source who brings through for you as part of the Divine Plan in this timing of Divine Time these works as an Ancient One, a Weaver of codes of Light for Existence for you to take advantage of these gifts given now to assist you to Remember and Recall to yourself your Divine Birthright and Power and Sovereignty as the Divine Being you are- a Spark of Divinity, a Spark of Creation with the gift of consciousness and awareness to create and experience and express through. Come take advantage of the gift of this turning of the cycle of existence as this fresh breath of air of the winds of change blow through to transform and transfigure you as you are resurrected to the Truth of that which you are and become the New You, cleared and upgraded to be part of the New expression of life.

All of Audrey’s work is extremely powerful Mastery level but is made available for All levels and those who are ready to travel at Light Speed and join the rocket train, star ship speed with her to travel upon the New Day’s energy, Light codes of information to the creation of the New Evolved you and World. Many have spoken of the end of times- well, these are that- the end of the old times and entering these times of creation of the New. Allow Audrey to assist you to release the old and be upgraded to the new. Along with her other work she goes into the Akash, not to read it but to rewrite it for you. Audrey also channels Beings of Light- she gave that name as a reference for us because they are such high vibration beings that there is no language’s translatable name for them, their Energy signature is their name. You can speak with them as they come through in her sessions to assist Humanity to understand there is so much more then they have understood. People world wide have been so touched by the Beings of Light as they Feel them when in communication with them, that they are either brought to tears in their eyes or smiles (they can’t put their cheeks down, so many say!) as they are wrapped in the Beings of Light’s field and Love and remembrance of home and truth of yourselves and what you are a part of. Audrey also works with the Elemental and Fairy Realm as well as The Ancient Ones and Native Americans. Audrey through Authority as Elohim and a Creator Being has access to all the realms and so all is opened for her and many beings come through to assist in sessions.



I started working with the pendulum and communicating with spirit some years ago, through which I learned I was an ancient diviner. From there, spirit began to give me other gifts.

One day while I was on the phone, I had a pen and paper in hand and automatic writing began with a figure 8 – the infinity symbol, which I later learned is a symbol for the connection between the two realms. Through the automatic writing I was given much more information about the experiences I was having, and I was told that I am a light worker.

Time passed and I met an energy healer who offered to work on me. When I laid on his table and he began, the healer found that he wasn’t able to do his energy work as he normally would – something was holding him back and took over the session, positive entities which started moving me and practically levitated me off the table at one point. After this session I was told by another energy worker that the goddess Parvati had channeled through me and that I was a bodhisattva. From then on spirit began doing spontaneous energy work on me throughout the day.

Then through an encounter with a shaman I was led to understand that the light beings were giving me the gift of being an energy worker because I was a shaman in my other lives. Around that time and as I was beginning my energy work, I channeled Ezekiel – the angel of transformation – who came to me to instill confidence in my abilities, adding to the love and support spirit had already given me. As I researched Ezekiel more I discovered that he often interacts with light workers.

From there it progressed, and I began speaking the light language and making sacred sounds (see below for a sample). As my body has become more accustomed to these words and sounds, I have also begun breaking out into songs.


When I work with a client, the experience can vary based on whether I’m using the pendulum, doing automatic writing, doing energy work on the body, speaking the light language or language of the Akash, channeling spirit, or sharing key codes/ascension numbers.

The session consists of what spirit feels the client needs to hear – there are no preconceived notions and often the client does not even have to ask any questions because spirit will come through and deliver a message specifically for them.

Press the Play button to hear a sample of the light language I speak.

All of my abilities have come to me naturally and spontaneously, and I wish to share them with others in the same way. The work I do is affordable and my hope is that it will inspire people to embrace the true potential they have inside themselves at all times.

Energy work and verbal interaction help to open up blocks in the body, release repressed emotions, and allow your energy to flow freely. It helps to activate the power that has always been in you, raise your consciousness, and help to open your heart.

In a session with me, you can leave the outside world behind in order to truly grasp the gift of the present moment and experience what Spirit has to offer you.


Light language is channeled sound and light that can heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is an energy activation through sound vibrations and coding spoken in very rapid frequencies which will activate soul memory. The soul recognizes the sound and messages.

Light language:
– Restructures the energy circuits of the body
– Clears karmic energy distortion
– Recodes the DNA to activate a process of regenesis. As the earth advances to a fifth dimensional energy pattern it will prepare us for the energy vibration, and so too will we evolve.

The work begins a process that prepares people as quickly as possible to hold higher dimensional light. We are all one energy and connected. Through light language one will be awakened and enlightened.

More information on the language of the Akash, key codes, and channeling is here.