to your EVOLution, the rEVOLution of Light & Love!

“Audrey’s sessions are one of the best I have ever felt.”

“A true warrior spirit and carrier of sentient language codes, Audrey Light Language pierces through the veil…”

“My experience with Audrey was A-m-a-z-i-n-g!”

“Audrey is the real deal. She does not only talk the talk, she walks the walk.”

“I recommend her to everyone – I am so glad I found her, I treasure her. She is love personified. She is someone who gives love freely and shares her gifts with others.”

“This market is flooded with many who claim to be healers and there are several whom I have personally come across these past few years. Audrey is absolutely guided by the higher realms of Consciousness and is in-tune and aligned with Source/Spirit/The Divine. Audrey operates from Sacred Heart Space and she is graceful, loving, nurturing and so patient with the endless questions…” – read more testimonials

Hello dear ones! My name is Audrey Light Language, Spiritual Architect and Energy Engineer. I’m a New York-based energy worker, speaker of the Languages of the Light and the Akash, and a Divine channel.

I work with clients in person in the NYC area and all over the world via Skype or over the phone.

Experience the way it feels to be encircled with love and the highest energy, information, and truth to help you stand in your power, sovereignty, and divine birthright.

Energy work helps to activate the power that has always been in you, raise your consciousness, and help to open your heart. In a session with me, you can leave the outside world behind in order to truly grasp the gift of the present moment and experience what Spirit has to offer you.

If you have been feeling stuck, scared, confused, or out of place, or just want to strengthen your own energy and gifts to reach a whole new level, please contact me.

This is healing without the smoke & mirrors! Healing through the illusions, to the truth.

You will experience & receive:

  • light language healing (sound/vibrational healing)
  • the language of the Akash
  • channeled messages from higher beings (angels, elohim, seraphim, divine source, & more)
  • new sacred key codes & your own personal list of ascension numbers

You can find out more about these offerings below (and watch/listen to samples in my videos). As a healer and channel who has been said to come from time before time, and channel from beyond the beyond, they are extremely powerful healings & activations on multiple levels:

  • etheric, physical, and mental healing
  • releasing from generations past & repressed emotions
  • relaxation and revelation of your own gifts
  • awakening of your dormant DNA
  • removal of blockages from your system
  • deep feelings of calm, peace, joy, protection
  • connects you more directly to your intuition
  • helps you adjust to the new earth energies

I’ve shared my work many times at the NEWLIFE Expo in NYC (America’s largest mind, body, and spirit expo), at the Edgar Cayce Center, and on worldwide radio shows such as Awakening Heart Network, Lauren Galey’s Quantum Conversations and Healing Conversations, and John Burgos’ Beyond the Ordinary.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or to book a session :) This work is most powerful when it is done individually – tailored to your particular body, soul & mind.

Blessings & much Love and Light to you! xoxo


I have been blessed with numerical sacred key codes channeled from Spirit to share with you. You will receive your own personal list of ascension numbers (300-400 numbers long) which, combined with the languages of light and the Akasha, will bring in higher energies and codings and awaken your dormant DNA in order to: help move you towards total healing and adjust you to the new earth energies that are coming in. Clients have experienced multi-level healing, and many have actually had the light language ignited in them, as well as an opening of their gifts – from channeling to automatic writing.


Hello everyone! I’d like to talk to you about the light language energy work and releasing, if you are interested in a session. For those of you who would like a worldly explanation of how Spirit works through me as the vehicle – Russian scientists have proven that sound frequency affects the DNA (you can find this research on the internet). As Spirit works through with the sounds and frequencies, it works on many levels – one’s molecular, cellular, physical, energetic bodies. Spirit, as they work on you, release blockages – energy blockages from this existence and others – that one holds within their field. As one releases these blockages the energetic work is also done on raising the vibration of your molecular, cellular, and physical vehicle. As this is accomplished, you move into healing, healing on a multitude of levels – physical, mental, spiritual.

I also would like to explain to you that when I channel through the beings of light, they are separate from the light language work. As they speak with one in a session, people can feel the beings of light as a change in their immediate environment or on an emotional level. They come to allow us to have this experience, to show that such exists and to widen our awareness of what is. I have had many ask for “readings” – these beings do not do readings. It is not a fortune telling or psychic experience, for as the beings state, they from their perspective see the many paths of possible probabilities that are available to us and our creation of experience. They will not take a particular point and tell you of it, as they see them all there for us. I just wanted you to be aware that this work is not doing a reading – it is you having an experience with entities, beings of light.

Lastly – I share the messages through automatic writing with all of you, as they are meant for you. Hearing the information also helps to raise your vibration, your consciousness, and your awareness. The light language and channeling is something that is done for an exchange fee and if you would like to find out more, please click here for more info and contact me. Thank you, blessings, light and love! I hope that you will be interested in having an experience with Spirit.


Audrey Light Language also speaks the Language of the Akasha.

In addition to the codes, symbols, numbers, and releasing work that Spirit channels through me already, Spirit has brought through another kind of healing – an incredible high level of energy, frequencies, symbols, codes, and numbers- that they asked me to offer to you.

It’s the Akasha language, God’s language – key codes designed to open up the Akasha records, the knowing within the mind of God. This work is offered to people now to connect to these records and bring through the knowledge to access the Akasha, the “computer in the sky.”

For those that are led to this work – Spirit and I applaud you, for it is a very high level in frequency. As you are led here to experience it and take it in, not all are quite ready – so there is the releasing work that Spirit does through me as well, to release what needs to be from the many simultaneous manifestations of oneself that one may carry. This is referred to by some as past life releasing – to release what is over and done with in order to move on and play the new song.


As well as being a healer to ALL, I also have been told by Spirit that, through me, they are healing the healers – these individuals who cannot be touched by just anyone because of their high frequencies.

I’ve been blessed to have Judy Satori, the wonderful light worker, healer and teacher who has traveled the world touching so many with her work and light – share these words of her experience of this work Spirit does through me:

Audrey’s Light Language transmissions are of the highest Elohim vibration, the language of the Akasha, which is recreational sequences of sound and light. I wholeheartedly endorse Audrey’s work as a ‘healer of the healers’, helping us all be all that we can be and more. The two sessions I have had with Audrey have supported the changes I am experiencing as I open to new energy frequencies and a new path of purpose.  Audrey works with the Akasha, the sacred records of God mind and all that is. She is exquisitely guided by Spirit to assist those fortunate enough to experience her work.

I am grateful to Spirit for coming in and to Judy for sharing her words in resonance with this high frequency that is being brought through for you all to have access to now. I am also very grateful to the other light workers who have spread their light across the world who have shared their words here in support of the work Spirit does through me, after they have experienced it – you can read theirs and many more testimonials HERE.

How much longer will you go on letting your energy sleep?

How much longer are you going to stay oblivious of the immensity of yourself?

Don’t lose time in conflict;
lose no time in doubt –
time can never be recovered
and if you miss an opportunity
it may take many lives
before another comes
your way again.

– Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, A Cup of Tea

Lead me from the unreal to the real,
From darkness to light,
From mortality to immortality.
Om. Shanti Shanti Shanti.

All that I am and all that I ever could be
Is all thanks to you
And the great love that you share with me
I want to thank thee, thank thee for all
All of the gifts you have given to me
Dream, hope, and believe and
All that is possible to be
Will most certainly be.
– Audrey

Thank you, Namaste.
Shanti and Light & Love to all of you,
Audrey – Channel of Spirit, Light, and Sound

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** NEW CHANNELED MESSAGES TO SHARE! Dance of Life from Prime Creator: “Step out of the fear you have become so accustomed to and step into jubilation and remembrance of all that you are- a beautiful spark of divinity- forever and always on a journey of existence into experience all that is- to explore and experience life itself which is what you are- you are life itself…” Read them here.

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** Hello everyone! Here is a recording from the NEWLIFE Expo in which I shared the message I received from THE ONE:

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** Here is a video of highlights from the NEWLIFE EXPO featuring the “Strange Universe” panel I was on (with Sean David Morton, Dannion Brinkley, James Capers, George Casazza, Judy Satori & Gail Thackray), as well as some light language energy healing, and discussion with the Beings of Light I channel. Thank you so much to all who were there! xoxo

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